Each trader being a beginner or advanced will benefit from this blog. The fact is that each one of us has to overcome difficulties during his evolution period in trading and these difficulties we can divide them in 3 mains stages:   1) FROM NOVICE TO FIND A PLAN AND LEARN A PROCESS. When we […]

BURG : how to make a plan

05/08/2019 News: announcement of a partnership with BYND. You can start reading traders the news which is reported below but you will understand after having track this news for a certain period of time that whenever a company is putting out a press release on partnership or collaboration has only one main goal: gap, attract […]


Being a successful person It takes sacrifice, it takes passion, your mind has to be structured in a way that failure is not allowed. Sure we have bad days, hard moments, even we can lose, but failure never. Whenever you want something so bad, accomplish something in sports, change your job and your life, pursuing […]

What Is a Real Life of a Trader

Sacrifices, headaches, nervousness, expectations. For who thinks that life of a trader is as amazing as you see in movies, Rolls Royce, private jets, mansions, you are a moron. Before to get to that level, and let s be honest less then 1% will be reaching it, you have to overcome so many steps, failures, […]

The Perfect Short Setup

Knowing when to short and knowing when to long may seem simple but in reality, is the only essence of trading. Therefore today I will write down a list of what I look for shorting. The best short setup plan pre-market…in order: Individual news that you have tracked: Each morning when I say, I’m trading […]

MRIN, Story of a Squeeze

MRIN had no dilution, had no reason to try to short this front side. I waited and waited all prior days because I have rules that I follow. I explained each day in SmallCapRoom why it was not a short but only dips to go long. I have certain parameters to look for backside – […]

A Path to Trading Success

We all start trading in markets for the desire of changing our lives, for the purpose of making money, buy things that hardly we could afford otherwise, help and provide our family. We all look at traders that show their success, that hold conferences, meetings that show themselves as extremely successful. The majority of them, […]

Big Caps/ Small Caps: Learn 1 Setup

I will go over some trades of Smallcaproom in order to help you to define how to create a system/a strategy that you can trade both on big and small caps. 1st example: TSLA. Big cap, frontside push above 1mins 72 89 and at 1.30 pm had a breakdown of 2emas 1mins chart. On that […]

How to Read Tape: Part 3

Our third part of tape reading, involves TIS, how MM love to play with us, in this case ARCA TIS opens, start to look for a fail of 2emas 1mins chart. Look that 2.22 supp with 6800shares, when it starts chipping, sh the bid Weakness, add more, red prints, 2.22 chipping Now look at ARCA […]

How to Reach the Next Level

A few tips for traders who are struggling to find the right way to trade, that are not profitable yet. First of all, you have to learn the charts.  This means setups and patterns (Technical Analysis). Have to have a background of fundamental analysis.  Filings, news etc. You have to know how it works in […]

How to Add, Where to Add

Whenever you want to add to your trade, you must have a plan. The first thing you must know how much you are willing to trade, how many shares. Second, you must know what are you going to risk. Third, you must know where are your profit targets. You have to be prepared. I add […]

How to Read the Rape: Part 2

I basically trade using 3 main tools: Chart Tape Bookmap Here is an example on VKTX, I was waiting for the rejection of 2emas 1mins chart + vwap (my A+setup for bounces). Started short at around 13.30 waiting adds 13.70’s risking 14.’s. Always know where is your target, your stop loss and how much you […]

How 72/89 EMA Work

I basically with my mother started using these 2 EMA’s which are fib expansion after analyzing Fibonacci code back in the days, almost 15yrs ago on futures. I found a way of using it quite effective. I explain in the room how to use them, how to have A+setup and huge conviction on trades. Here […]

One of Best Short Setups I Play

We all know that it’s not easy to have an A*setup. To have an A*setup you must have tracked for months or better for years and in different times of market/bear & bull to know when they are effective or not. I play often the “failed push and sh the fail of 72/89 with support […]

When not to short: Rules

When… IO > 40% 1st day without any dilution (s-3, atm), warrants) Price at open is at 200ema 1mins chart(that is not a gap down) , wait for a push There is midday reclaim of vwap with high volume (500k + on 5mins chart) Stock is above its 50% range after 10.30 There is SSR […]

Why prop firms: Trader Equity

Trader Equity is the Prop Firm I’m lately using for buying/ shorting stocks (small and big caps). Let ‘ s review the main pro and cons of this Prop Firm. Pros: First of all, I would say the Ultra Low Commissions. One of the biggest barriers for traders is the commission rate. I would say […]

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