How to become a profitable trader?

Become part of the JTrader team and get full access to our trading room, day trading courses, and private lessons. On a daily basis we share content and live videos on stock trading, options trading, futures trading, and crypto trading.

Trading Courses

You can choose between the Beginner Course to start your day trading journey and the Advanced Course to boost your potential and become a profitable trader.

beginner course
How to setup your Charts
How to create a Watchlist
Top 3 Long Strategies
Top 3 Short Strategies
How to read filings and news
Big Caps & Small Caps
advanced course
How to choose stocks
Advanced Long Strategies
Advanced Short Strategies
Live Trading Videos
Downloadable Files
Historical Chart examples for each Strategy

JTrader room

Learn with JTrader and start day trading

Daily Watchlists

Daily selection of trending stocks with trading plan

Monthly Webinars

New lesson exclusive for members each month

Education Library

Study material in the format of videos and PDF documents

Daily Trading Sessions

Real-time commentary and screen-share

Support Team

Designated mentors to assist you with your trading needs

Who’s JTrader?

I’m Joseph Gasperoni and I have been trading for a living for the past 20 years. While becoming a full-time trader I witnessed a lot of new traders fail during my journey.
That’s why I decided to create a trading room where I could teach others how to become a day trader.

As an advisor, teacher, and mentor, I share my asset of strategies, techniques, and tools with members. My know-how will make you a consistent and profitable trader.
What’s made me successful can make you successful!

Who can learn with JTrader?

Whoever wants to invest in themselves, whether it means approaching day trading as a job or as a hobby for extra income.

Beginner traders

who want to learn about day trading and financial freedom

Intermediate traders

who want to grow exponentially their potential

Advanced traders

who are looking for suggestions and new trading strategies

Signature trading process

JTrader walks you through the trading process every day: How to scan for stocks, create a watchlist, fundamentals, and the proper premarket plan to succeed day in, day out.

A+ Short and Long Setup

Over the years, JTrader has defined the A+ setups whether you are a short or long biased trader.

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