Learn How To Day Trade Small & Large Cap Equities and Options from a 20 Year Market Veteran.

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One of the main goals of this website is to provide quality free lessons for traders of all levels.  Currently, there are 69 free video lessons in the “Trading Lessons” section.  Check back often as new lessons are uploaded every week.  Sometimes daily.

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My blog is designed to be more than just about trading it’s about my life.  If you want to read about the things I love, along with trading, you can read about my fiancé, my dogs, my love for food and travel.  You can also read about my passion for training in the gym.

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I get so many questions about the tools I use in trading.  Things like, software, my broker, books that have helped me in my journey as a trader, etc.  This section is updated less frequently than the “Trading Lessons” section, as the tools I use change infrequently.

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My trading room is called SmallCapRoom.  Every day before the market opens I discuss the setups that I’m looking at.  I go into detail on everything from good places that we might look to enter to where I’ll be looking to take profits.  If you’re interested in joining, please be sure to check out some of the successes that my members have enjoyed.

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I’ve Partnered with Prop Firm Trader Equity

  • Ultra Low Commissions – One of the biggest barriers, Typically 65-80% cheaper than a retail broker.
  • Access to Large BP – Not leveraged/margin (Avoids problems with leverage or margin after having buying power reduced after a bad day, Buying Power is Fixed.) “Trading the companies money rather than your own”
  • Direct Market Access – No CFD or principle execution
  • No Conflict of Interest with the trader
  • Routes and Dark Pools – Routing to the Mid-price
  • Hard to Borrow shorts- Don’t pay for HTB you locate but don’t use.
  • Professional Grade Software – Ability to Scale a strategy trading the companies money.

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