I have been trading for a living for the past 20 years and I have seen a lot of new traders fail.  I decided to create a room where I assist each trader in becoming profitable and where I can teach them the techniques that made me successful.


JTrader's Biography

JTrader started trading in 1999 Italian Stocks and covered warrants. Influence from a relative had initially sparked his interest in trading. From there on he decided to commit his free time to studying. His first official year of trading was tough as it was a mix of wins and losses. But he stood devoted to trying to figure out a profitable way to trade. Eventually after many errors and hours of studying the market he was able to create a system for scalping and day trading.

The first broker JTrader used was Twice Sim of Milano (Piazza degli Affari, 5, 20123 Milano, Italy) with director Dr. Michele Pertile.

He was his mentor for the first 5 years of trading. From 2000 to 2005 he was able to trade full time. This was also around the same time that he founded the JLines (his proprietary indicators that still exist today in his strategies). With much success, his schedule became full of invites to trading conferences and being the host at expos of trading in Italy.

He continued to trade full time stocks and expanded to futures and forex until 2011. After many years of studying and trading he felt accomplished but with the accomplishment came also weariness. Due to this he decided it was time to take a break from day trading and distracted himself with investing in real estate and long-term positions.

In 2016 JTrader went back to trade full time but wanted a change in atmosphere so he began to trade U.S. Stocks and equities. He took particular interest in small caps and found much success. Whilst being in another community where he shared his insights, he received so much good feedback he decided to start his own trading community.

SmallCapRoom started off with very few members, but slowly began grow under the guidance of JTrader. His mentoring techniques began to be the main attraction to the community. He wanted his community to be unique, to not only be a trading community but a trading family.