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When you’re ready to get serious about trading, JTrader is where you need to be. J provides battle-tested strategies, honed over decades of successful trading, and a supportive environment filled with real pros who are willing to help anyone who is serious about learning the game. Best live trading room and best mentor.

Jason M 20/02/2022
This is the one of the best room I have…

This is the one of the best room I have ever experienced. jtrader is very humble, experienced, systematic trader. He spend huge time to share his knowledge to room members. I was very fortunate found this room, and I’ve been the room for several years. I highly recommend jtrader room for traders.

nald 31-01-2022
Small Cap Room is Gold

No doubt in my mind that J can take any trader to the next level, whether beginner or long time professional trading with size. J prepares a PM plan with meticulous detail, trades live with the room daily with full transparency, posting his charts immediately. But most importantly, teaching traders how to trade …

TwelfthHouseTrades 31-01-2022
The best room for day traders

I came to jtrader’s room with very limited knowledge about day trading. In the past 9 months, I learned a lot from J and many other professional traders in small cap room. I am getting more and more confident to trade. I am really thankful for all the helps and supports from this room …

Lilly W 30-01-2022
Love it.

Been to some chats. This is the hardest working group Ive been in. The only thing I regret that I havent joined this chat earlier when I started trading.

Ugnus 30/01/2022
J is a legit trader

J is a legit trader. Makes it so easy to understand how the market works. Has A LOT of content to study and review. Best part of it all, he answers every question. He explains everything to where you can understand it.

Zach Everette 30-01-2022
Edge is real, but it’s up to you to tame it.

Prior to mentoring I was in the small cap room for a year. The game changer for me was mentoring in mid 2020. The work ethic, the clarity on the set ups, the exercises on how to solidify edge, and the other students helped me become consistently profitable.
The Edge is there, but the work comes from each individual. To use a classic expression , J will show you the door but it’s up to you to walk through it.

Mr.E 9-01-2022
Best trading community and one of the…

Best trading community and one of the best mentors. Joined the room after watching J’s youtube videos and after first 2 weeks realised that i’m in the correct place. Main focus on Risk managment no alerts just pure education how to become independent pro trader. Bought J’s mentoring programme and it brought me leaps and bounds into my fledging daytrading career. After mentoring finishes im already …

MrMakarevicius 7-01-2022


Real members, real traders, real reviews.