What is a real life of a trader


Sacrifices, headaches, nervousness, expectations.

For who thinks that life of a trader is as amazing as you see in movies, Rolls Royce, private jets, mansions, you are a moron. Before to get to that level, and let s be honest less then 1% will be reaching it, you have to overcome so many steps, failures, depression moments, lack of esteem that will make you feel so far from your goal.

What is trading if not part gambling, part techniques mixed with statistics. Having a system is just having tracked a setup/pattern during time and able to tune it each time market conditions change. Don’t be afraid, I m not here to scare you but to open your eyes while people post always huge pnl’s online, huge profits in order to become famous, to get you as a sub for their chat rooms. A real trader does not need that, the best traders won t ever put their pnl’s or randomly. A trader is a professionist and not a dushbag that claims victories when instead the only victory he ever had was getting your money from joining him. That s a scam, a big difference.

A trader s best satisfaction is when he nails the trade, when he gets his perfect entry and an even better exit. This is what everyday makes me proud, that feeling to be right, when I do my job good, when I get that homerun or when in bad days I have that discipline to trigger my stop loss in time( saving my butt).

I traded the first 18 years of my life and was never on Twitter, in a trading room, in a chat. I was trading with other 2-3pros sometimes just to exchange ideas and that was more then enough.

But life is full of people that believe in everything. This is your wake up call: don’t follow traders that claim to have been making money in that last few years, they are probably trying to pay their new car with your money. Instead learn how a trader lives, the suffers and the pain we experience, what really can make you consistent, what are the things you have to track, what things you must learn in order to become consistent. And again remember don’t be a moron, don’t follow a nice chart coz you see nice arrows cause each system works at least once in life but experiment what you re studying, is this really working or are you just being fooled.

4 markets I traded in life and still trading, this is my 20th year of trading, it s the mind process, the analysis skills, the tape reading, this created a background.

I was that 19th year old boy that wanted to have that’ kind of life and I never underestimated how much study, efforts, migraines I would have needed to go through. Gym helped my mind, mother was amazing and my rock, she still is my 2nd in command while we trade, literally if you want to make money, I m that person won’t ever deny or tell you that you can’t but that guy who will push you harder for your results showing just how I trade, how job can be done.

So don’t stop, go on, open your eyes and start focusing on yourself more then everyone else