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How to prepare a premarket watchlist


Preparing a premarket watchlist is an essential step for any day trader.

A premarket watchlist helps you identify stocks that are likely to see significant stock price movements in order to define the best day trading strategy. By having a list of stocks ready before the market opens, traders can quickly assess which ones offer the potential for profit and plan their moves accordingly.

Today, we’ll give you some advice on creating and utilizing a practical premarket watchlist.

What is a pre-market watchlist?

A pre-market watchlist is a basic tool for traders to help them stay organized and efficient by monitoring market activity, news, and potential trades.

In fact, pre-market watchlists provide traders with an overview of the day’s news releases and upcoming events, as well as a snapshot of overnight stock movements and high-impact economic reports.

With access to a comprehensive pre-market watchlist, traders can:

  • quickly identify investment opportunities while staying on top of current market trends;
  • manage risk better by allowing them to determine which stocks are most likely to move in response to specific market announcements or earnings periods;
  • having points of reference for real-time analysis to determine when it’s time to enter or exit positions.

Over time, consistent review and analysis of watchlists will allow investors to anticipate market changes.

An effective pre-market watchlist is a must for anyone serious about making money in the stock market. With careful analysis of data collected through the watchlist, traders can gain an edge over those who don’t pre-plan or apply analytics to their strategies.

Although complex at times, creating and employing a pre-market watchlist can provide powerful insights into the stock market, enabling savvy traders to maximize returns on investment.

Pre-market watchlist: what do you need the most

Stock scanner

A stock scanner is what you need to start developing your pre-market watchlist.

It is an invaluable tool since it allows them to quickly analyze stocks and decide which ones to monitor closely.

A great stock scanner – try Egde to Trade – should offer a wide range of customizable criteria to search for ideal trading “candidates”, allowing users to filter out companies that don’t meet their criteria and focus on those that do.

Pre-market checklist

Having a well-organized checklist can also help traders while preparing their watchlist. This is the best way to identify great buying opportunities when the market opens.

Here’s a checklist that you can follow to better your daily process before trading.

premarket checklist


Professional day traders have an informed, disciplined mindset when it comes to making trading decisions. They understand that trading is not about chasing stocks but rather about identifying and executing profitable opportunities within the market.

They have a strategy and wait for the right moment to act. When they see a favorable setup for their strategy, they act quickly and decisively, loading the size according to the grade of the setup.

Professional traders also recognize that money is not made through one-off trades; success requires repeated execution of profitable setups over time. This repetition helps them hone their skills and perfect their strategy so they can consistently capitalize on profitable opportunities as they arise.

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