When not to short, avoid these: rules


when IO > 40% 1st day without any dilution (s-3, atm), warrants)

when price at open is at 200ema 1mins chart(that is not a gap down) , wait for a push

when there is midday reclaim of vwap with high volume (500k + on 5mins chart)

when stock is above its 50% range after 10.30

when there is ssr with huge volume

when there is a merger

when there is a phase 3 approval

when there is a low float below 1m, and I don’t size with floats below 3m

when there is %short float > 20%

when there is a huge pm volume on low float stock that is prob going into float rotation at open

when there is float rotation or/+ r/s with high vol

when stocks are below 1$