What is the Focus of My Live Trading Room?

I want you to learn.

Regardless of your account size, my goal is to help you become confident and profitable.

When joining my live chat trading room, you’ll learn…

  • how to master volume profile together with volume imbalance and volume divergence in order to help anticipate trend changing.
  • tape reading, during market I often explain tape, soaking, absorption, hidden buyer or sellers, institutional buyers/sellers.
  • short and long setups: I have 9+ setups for long and short traders.
  • money management and risk planning: Where to put your stop losses, where to trail, where to add and where to size in.
  • the difference between A+ setups and B setups and how to size accordingly.
  • how to scale when in a trade and trade around a core.
  • how to trade gaps on big and small-cap stocks.
  • how to read filings and financials. I explain in pre-market the key points that help you determine the health of a stock or any signs of dilution.

LEARN THE PROCESS and how to think, how to interpret the news and how to trade.

DIRECT ACCESS You will have full access to me while I’m on the mic and may share my screen from time to time.

Also, if you’d like more intimate learning, there is the possibility of 1on1 with me for 4 different 90-minute webinars.

Together we will dive in my trading which involves setups and trading, which involves concentrated focus in:

  • forecast and volume forecast
  • A+ setups
  • adding/scaling
  • risk management

What members are saying…

Interested in trading with me?

Monthly Subscription to SmallCapRoom

  • $120*/month (USD)
  • Daily Screenshare, chat, etc.

Yearly Subscription to SmallCapRoom

  • $999*/year (USD)  SAVE $321
  • Daily Screenshare, chat, etc.

1-on-1 mentoring sessions

  • $275*/one time (USD)
  • 4 different 1-on-1 sessions with J Trader

1-on-1 Mentoring + 1 Year Subscription

  • $2,899*/one time (USD)
  • Yearly access to SmallCapRoom

*No Refunds

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