Main short setups I look at:

Short setups:


1) gap up or extension to daily volume resistance. I wait to enter on fake breakout + soak of whole or half $ or on LH. Tape needs supply-demand change (bids have no more power to push, soaking on ask, hidden seller or big seller jumping in, sellers attacking the bid)


2) all day grinding and extended stock, late day fade setup. Enter on trendline break, after 1-1.30pm (higher odds) with my ema’s I explain in room


3) para move, vertical, tape speed up, exaustion on volume 1mins chart. Enter on 1mins spike or 5(also 3)mins spike, extended, better if at daily resistance or pivot


4) pm high, open low, eye always if the stock got  a dip to 200moving average(discuss how to use it in room), in that case wait for a push to sh, don’t sh weakness, it will simply kill u. So use the pm highs to look for tape(sellers stacked and bids coming off) to start to attack that position, giving some small wiggle room above the pm resistance


5) gap down or downtrending stock, I decide to attack short on triangle bdown with lower highs consolidating on a suppport or failed push to my emas and rejection.


Tape is my main leading indicator with half and whole $ nr. I want to wait for a failed push before entering short, this gives me the confirmation bids have no more power to get long and to push the price up. You always have to look, where the longs are underwater, where the short sellers will attack, when everyone will panic and start dumping shares( ACHV style). It’s very important to monitor when you may find a big support on tape (hidden buyer absorbing all shares) and which MM is the leader, who is playing games ARCA, EDGX or others.