Traders open your ears because I’ m going to give you some honest helpful tips based on my experience.

The first thing matters in your trading is your mentality. Your mentality has to be a winner one, solid, that kind of mentality that when you have a bad loss(and everyone had one or more bad losses) tells you to pick up, reboot and restart this time avoiding that error that made you lose. Errors are part of the game. In Smallcaproom we have 75% winning rate which is a very high % of profitability but still that 25% is a loss. That’s why important fo always minimize losses and make your wins run.

The second thing that always mattered for me was that all your life pieces have to be in place. If you have problems or bad relations or something that is not working then you have to fix it because this will create you a bad barrier in your trading. You need to be calm, patient when you trade because everything that stresses you out will affect in a negative way your trading. So before sitting at your desk take a honest check at your life, do everything to fix it.

Third one is knowledge: a lot to study around  but what works? I created Smallcaproom because we are traders, not marketers not promo guys.

I share my 20years experience on the markets and show what it worked and works for me. You will learn all my techniques that I use to make a living in trading. Once you study my courses or you get under my mentorship programme your level of trading will boost and you will finally become profitable. Some of members are full time some are part time.

Each day in room from 5:30am NY time I start making a watchlist on big and small caps and on options. I explain live what I’ m doing so you can understand what is a process of a professional trader. I go over news, scanners, show you how to choose the stocks for the day.

You will see my monitors, how I trade, when I enter or sell my position.

Each day after trading session we have recap. This is recorded so if you miss it you can always rewatch and study it together with all charts and explanations that are posted in a dedicated section in the room.

Fourth is to have discipline. We always forget that even if you have a very good system, without a good mentality and discipline your approach to markets won’t be successful. You have to be able to plan your risk management and to give yourself mental rules in order to cut your position if it’ s not working, to learn from your errors, to size accordingly, to avoid panic or Fomo. That’ s the reason why the private mentorship I’ m giving to members is made for ( plan is available on the website under services), to build professional traders.

Fifth you have to study,  track, respect rules. Trading is like playing poker. I trade only the best patterns with higher odds and my patterns have been working over and over the years.

Apply the rules and trade my patterns will make you profitable. I showed last year how I passed with a small account around 2000$ to 10000$ in 40 days, each day posting results. Then I showed how member Kidus in one month passed from 500$ to 3500$ or Vlad from 1500$ to 9000$ in 2 months. This is possible if you study and stay in the room.

When joining the SmallcapRoom you will:

-immediately receive access to the trading room

-have each morning the premarket plan


-free access to over 50 private videos

-daytrading course on stocks and options

-daily educational recaps


For becoming better traders you have the Mentoring Programme and 1-on-1 Private Webinars with Jtrader. Details on the website


Good luck