How to play levels on big caps: a day on NFLX gap up

NFLX gap up, strong QQQ’s as well.

First thing I do is putting QQQ’s chart daily and 5mins chart. I want to see levels of support/resistance, pivots.

Once I did this, I pass to NFLX, 1-3-5mins chart.

5mins chart, where is the price comparing the 200ema? above or below?

3mins chart, where is the price comparing to 72-89ema? shift above or below?

1mins chart, gives me the timing.

Here you can see the chart of 12th December 2018 on NFLX how I use levels, how I interpret the volume


At the same time you can see below what QQQ’s, AAPL and surely NFLX were doing on the 1mins chart. If you already have studied my prior lessons on 1mins 72 89 rejection, this is a perfect example of timing your trade.



So when you enter the trade, you must have certain criterias confirming your thesis as your trade:





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