Give back to others: a real story

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Often we forget why we came to this world.

We are struggling everyday to make money, to make our simple lives have a meaning but we don’t consider what is happening around us, how people are struggling everyday in this World to survive in need of food, a roof to sleep, health.

I want to tell you a simple short story of something happened in my life some years ago.

When I started trading as you know I was 19, it was back in 1999. All I wanted to do was making money, earning. At that time all chat guys that have a room today or that are famous were not there yet.
It was the time of Ken Calhoun of Daytrading university, of Nison, of Larry Williams, etc.
So as you can imagine being so young, my only purposeĀ  was to earn as these famous traders.
My time came and my glory days as well but when I started tasting that sweet feeling of success I also started thinking…
Yes been 19-20-21-22 years old and consider about my future.

I started investing my profits from trading in real estate and thinking about future.
I always was thankful to God for this, for having the possibility to do my dream job.

But I remembered always how I grew up, I remembered the words that inspired me” give back to others “.

I was lucky, I worked hard, nothing was giving me for granted but I was lucky. So I started doing what GOD told me to do:

I adopted a child in Africa and for the last 15 years I supported him in Uganda at Kampala and provide him all he needed to grow up and get an education. This was one of the best thing I ever done, helping others and from that moment I started opening my heart for who really needs.


At the same time me and cousin started to have eyes for our environment and consider how we are wasting and destroying natural resources of this world.
Amazzonia, our plan was to collect money in order to save a little piece of Amazzonia. My cousin started going there and living with indios and our project was to make a Reserve to protect and save at least a little piece of our World, something that the big corporations could not destroy.
So if you go now in Amazzonia you will see a small Reserve protected called R serve of San Marino. That is the symbol of our efforts.

So if you stay with these people in Amazzonia you will see how all their worries are not like ours, so different kind of life, no stress, time flows slower and all rest becomes meaningless. Think of your time and what you can do for others.

(children working to collect cocoa)

(the head of indios family)

I hope new traders and other entrepreneurs reading these few lines will put a hand on their hearts and give back something to less privileged people.



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