Big caps/ small caps: Learn 1 setup

I will go over some trades of Smallcaproom in order to help you to define how to create a system/a strategy that you can trade both on big and small caps.

1st example: TSLA.

Big cap, frontside push above 1mins 72 89 and at 1.30 pm had a breakdown of 2emas 1mins chart. On that break I generally don’t like to take the trade because I want to look for a retest then of that area. The real trade comes at the rejection of the 2emas, there I load the boat risking just above 2emas. Tape flushes and pushes to the lows.

tsla big cap.png


2nd example: AMRN gap down. Fails to hold 18$ area and each pop to 1mins 72 89 is rejected. Each fail is a short for me risking theat 18.13 resistance or 200ema dotted line above

gap down AMRN.PNG


3rd example: AETI. 1mins started pushing from 1$ to 2.50$. Topping action in that area and then the price starts breaking down the 2emas that is the first sign of possible trend change. The real confirmation comes at 3pm at the rejection of 1mins 72 89



4th example: ACRX. 2nd day play. It opens and pushes to 1mins 72 89 at almost 4.20$ but without being able to hold that level, each pop since then it would be a possible short risking just above the morning high.

acrx 2nd day.PNG


Smallcaproom, what to find inside

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