The story of each trader is different. As mentioned in the interview with Del The Trader, I started trading when I was 19 years old. I was trading Italian and European equities and covered warrants. The first year was tough, as I needed to work to support myself while studying and trading at the same time. I entered the real trading world immediately without paper trading. At that time traders did not have any demo accounts as we do today. I worked for about 5 years with Twice Sim of Milano just next to Piazza Affari with reference director Dr. Michele Pertile.

At this time my only way of trading was through tape and chart (1-5m charts and L2 + T&S). I was scalping the tape all day long 30 to 40 trades per day!

My entire life was dedicated to trading and still is. From morning till evening is my routine, so for many of you traders that are still skeptical of making trading a career, I can tell you it is possible.

Life was just work but in the meantime, I got some satisfaction by buying a house, lands in San Marino, and sports cars. In my prime years of 20-25, this was, of course, incredible for me. Especially because I was able to make grand purchases while my friends were still in college with barely enough income for school.

In 2005 cover warrants and warrants became almost untradeable on European markets. The majority of market makers were just trying to “fraud” traders by not respecting the price of the underlying stock and trying to trade against you. Covered warrants were the same as options today, I was studying the underlying stock and trading cover warrants and warrants for the fact these were giving better gains in terms of % comparing to the stock. So that was the better solution for a new trader who wanted to grow a small account.

I then moved to Forex, but it was not the best market for a technical trader in my opinion. I then made the decision to move to futures (trading products as ES, CL for the majority of the time). Future is a market where you need to have a big capital, in my humble opinion, to start and I was ready for it. There were big sharks, much more than in stocks. The market being open 24/7 left me without a moment to myself. Years were passing but gains were good and consistent. During that time we also lacked chat rooms, but I found some friends on Big Mike Trading and Ninja Trader Group. I took a 180º in my trading life and stopped scalping equities and cover warrants. I did not discard intraday position trading, supp./resistance, and some other indicators as I still found them useful for my new route of trading.

2011 was the last year I traded full time being that after 12 years of trading I was mentally tired and needed a break. Therefore I took some interest elsewhere and ended up winning a competition to become a diplomat for the Italian Embassy in San Marino. Here you can see below a picture of me with the Italian Ambassador Giorgio Marini.

Eventually, I went back to futures around 2012-2013 and again trading full time. I saw in 2 years many things changed and therefore as a trader, I needed to evolve and take every day as a new lesson. This means to:

-Start again using small size till’ confident and find your A+ setup

-Never think you know everything, but always learn from everybody as I always did and still do

-Adapt to the different market conditions, find what works and use it, till the moment you will need to reevaluate your process

Profits started to arrive after 1 year of returning to full time trading. I had one of best moments in my young career with Maranello Italy Ferrari headquarters where I bought the latest model (below).

During all this time I learned that life does test you but not more than the market. So your personal life, everything, even your health is put into a test and in the end, everything is reflected in the stock market.

In 2017 I began to take interest in small caps as well. Eventually, I met Smash, from Smash The Bid, and became friends with him. Smash helped me a lot and played a role in helping me advance myself. During that time though I was also looking around and studying pumps including the many gurus that had already proclaimed success. Smash was one of the few people that I was able to learn from but I found out one thing, “to succeed you have to be open-minded to the knowledge of others but at the end create your unique style and method.” After studying small caps for a few months, which entailed that I had to learn filings, I started then being profitable even with the new small-cap world. (I would suggest reading all of Ricky Analog and All Day Faders they are brilliant and influenced me to achieve in small caps). In the end, studying, testing, and tracking have always been my go-to process; the process that has lead me to where I am today.

Stay tuned, the trading story will continue…

Here are a few images of me and my fiancé. And my country Italy.

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